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Avian Dual 40 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S - 6S

Avian Dual 40 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S - 6S

Avian Dual 40 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S - 6S

Spektrum SPMXAE1240 Brushless Speed Control
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  • Avian Dual 40 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S - 6S


    The Spektrum Avian Smart 40A Dual Brushless ESC is the perfect upgrade for 3S-6S twin EDF jets and other twin-powered models. Like other Spektrum Avian ESCs, this ESC delivers power and intelligence all-in-one. Without additional sensors or modules, they feed battery and ESC telemetry data straight to your radio in real time, all over one connection.

    Product Features

    • Smart all-in-one telemetry
    • 2 x 40 Amp continuous current
    • Fast, powerful 32-bit ARM M4 processor
    • 2 Program wires with multiple programming options:
      • Avian Prog (TextGen) Telemetry
      • Button programming
      • Smart ESC Programming Box
      • SmartLink USB Updating and Programmer application
    • Multi-point protection:
      • Over-current protection
      • Automatic LiPo low-voltage cutoff
      • Thermal protection
      • Failsafe protection
    • Compact for easy installation in most applications
    • Heat dissipating design
    • Ready to install — no soldering required
    • High heat-resistant IC5™ connector, is backwards compatible with EC5™ connectors
    • Limited 1-year warranty


    Like every component in the Spektrum™ Smart ecosystem, Avian™ Smart ESCs combine "plug-and-play" simplicity with the ability to communicate with other Smart electronics — together, creating the best-performing RC system for your vehicle imaginable.

    Avian Smart ESCs do much more than regulate power. They function like a virtual engineer inside your model, providing a direct path to the vital operating data you need to reach peak performance. Smart ESCs give you an extra layer of confidence that your electronics are all operating at their best.

    With Avian Smart ESCs, you'll be better connected to your vehicle than ever before — without installing extra components that all work independently of each other. You won't need extra wires, modules, or links. An Avian electronic speed control provides a one-wire solution for obtaining telemetry data such as RPM, temperature, battery voltage and capacity.

    Avian ESCs not only gather the data but also send it to your transmitter in real time, instead of only storing it for after-run study. You're able to adjust settings as needed to boost performance on the go. The Avian Smart single-wire telemetry solution has been tested for quality and performance by the best brands in RC. Their verdict? Smart technology is both simpler and superior!

    Video Overview

    One-Wire Telemetry

    No need to connect multiple wires, sensors, modules, and links. With Avian™ ESCs, simple one-wire telemetry transmits a wide range of data directly to your transmitter in real time, including current, voltage, cell balance, temperature and RPM.

    Smart ESC Thrust Reversing

    Now included with Smart Avian ESCs is the ability to reverse the motor at the flip of a switch! This allows for pilots to use the power system for increased mobility on the ground as well as acting as a brake for models requiring more runway to land. This function requires a Smart compatible Spektrum Transmitter and Receiver and needs to be activated with in the ESC parameters.

    On-Screen ESC Programming

    Avian ESCs now come updated to allow pilots to program any ESC parameter, right from their Spektrum Transmitter, via the Avian Prog telemetry screen. This makes it easier to make quick setting changes, adjustments and experimentation to maximize power output or efficiency , right on the flight line, no extra boxes or modules required! This function requires a Smart telemetry compatible Spektrum Transmitter and Receiver.


    Avian™ ESCs feature IC™ series battery connectors. The IC series of connectors are designed from the ground up to provide a more solid connection, higher heat resistance, and effortless installation. When used with an IC5™ connector equipped Spektrum™ Smart battery, the ESC can receive and transmit battery telemetry data.

    How To Program Your Avian ESC And Setup Thrust Reverse From Your Transmitter

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