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Evolution .52NX Engine with Muffler

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Evolution .52NX Engine with Muffler

Evolution Engines EVOE0520 Airplane Engine Nitro
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  • Evolution .52NX Engine with Muffler

    Continuing the next stage of Evolution® engine technology. The NX series is designed to provide a unique combination of powerful performance, reliable engineering and remarkable ease of use. You already know how impressive the pioneering 1.00NX is. Now Evolution presents the new .52NX. The .52NX is the same size and weight as ordinary .46-size glow engines, but packs more of a punch. Its displacement of .52 cubic inches provides sport models with plenty of get-upand-go without adding weight. And since it’s an Evolution engine,
    the .52NX has the innovative low-speed SetRight™ needle valve with a lever that makes easy adjustments and takes all the guesswork out of operation. True ABC construction, including a brass liner coated with chrome plating, withstands abuse and provides long-lasting performance. And with its upward swooshing heat fins, blue highlights and majestic Evolution Engines logo,
    the .52NX looks awesome mounted to an airplane.


    • More displacement, but same size and weight as a .46
    • Remarkably easy to start
    • Installs easily in all .46-size models
    • Built using latest RC engine technology
    • Low-speed SetRight needle valve—easier tuning when necessary
    • ABC construction with chrome-plated brass liner
    • Stands up to abuse
    • Includes muffler


    Type: Engine
    Benchmark Prop: 11 x 6 @13,000 rpm
    Bore: 22.4mm (.88 in)
    Crankshaft Threads: 1/4 x 28
    Displacement: .52 cu in
    Engine (Only) Weight: 14.5 oz
    Prop Range: 10 x 6–13 x 5
    Stroke: 21.5mm (.85 in)
    Type: 2-Stroke
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