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UMX Spacewalker BNF

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  • UMX Spacewalker BNF

    The E-flite® UMX™ Spacewalker airplane is all about making the pure joy of RC flight possible within the serenity of small spaces – even in your own backyard. Its scale appearance captures the charm and sense of adventure of those who labored over full-size homebuilt airplanes much like it. That’s because it includes exquisite detailing such as molded wing ribs, exposed engine cylinders and a pilot figure proudly poised in the open cockpit. But it’s the slow-flight capability and simple 3-channel performance that will have you wanting to keep a number of charged micro batteries on hand.

    When you love flying ultra micro RC aircraft, you tend to see your surroundings a little differently. Backyards, picnic tables, parking lots and driveways suddenly reveal themselves to be great flying fields or runways. E-flite® UMX™ airplanes let you fly in your world as you see it with minimal fuss. Each one is designed to get you in the air in the time it takes to charge a battery. And because all UMX aircraft use advanced 2.4GHz Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® technology, you’ll never have to worry about interference and can enjoy the freedom of flying them with a wide variety of available DSM2/DSMX transmitters.

    This Bind-N-Fly® UMX™ Spacewalker airplane comes out of the box completely assembled as shown. Although it has the performance to climb and loop, it’s the smooth slow-flight characteristics that are as charming on the model as they are on the full-size version.

    UMX™ Design
    A fully assembled ultra micro design that’s engineered with the finest materials and equipped with cutting-edge components to deliver best-in-class performance.

    Rechargeable Battery & Cordless Charger
    The included rechargeable ultra micro 70mAh 1S 3.7V Li-Po battery is capable of delivering 5-9 minute flight times. The included 1-cell DC charger can recharge the provided battery in about 20-minutes.


    • Completely built and flight ready
    • Spektrum™ DSMX® receiver/ESC/Servo unit, installed
    • Ultra-lightweight construction with a scale inspired paint scheme
    • Classic landing gear with scale tires and a steerable tail wheel
    • Fully proportional throttle, elevator and rudder control
    • Graceful, slow-flight performance that’s ideal for small spaces
    • 6.0mm brushed motor with gear drive and 100mm propeller
    • Ultra-micro 70mAh 1S 3.7V Li-Po flight battery and DC charger included
    • Includes 4 AA batteries to power the charger


    Wingspan: 16.5 in (418mm)
    Flying Weight: 0.78 oz (22g)
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    Seriously Nice Flyer






    I took the SW to my monthly indoor event last night along with my Ember and a few other planes.

    The SW flew with 70, 60, 130, and 150 mAh batteries. The first flight (70 mAh) felt a little nose heavy. I shifted the battery aft, and wow! What a great little flyer. It is way sportier, more flyable, and more precise than an Ember. ROG takeoffs were especially nice and scale like. It was very maneuverable.

    P.S. The 60 mAh battery is the Mini Vapor battery. The all up weight is 21 grams with this battery. Larger batteries flew just as well.

    Some on RC forums mentioned excessive climb on full throttle? I had a very acceptable climb attitude on full throttle. The Ember is WAY more pitchy and "climby" at speed.

    Dynascrew - San Diego, CA
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