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F-27 Evolution PNP

F-27 Evolution PNP

F-27 Evolution PNP

E-flite EFL5675 Airplane (Discontinued) PNP
This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
  • F-27 Evolution PNP


     -The evolution and return of an all-time favorite
     -High-Power 3–4S LiPo compatible brushless motor and ESC
     -Removable wing design for easy transport and storage
     -Oversized elevons for maximum roll and pitch authority
     -Optional nose includes FPV camera and VTX (EFL5608 sold separately)
     -Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
     -Large top hatch simplifies battery changes
     -Digital, metal-geared servos installed
     -Speeds up to 85mph on 3S and 105mph on 4S

    The original F-27 models, like the Stryker, introduced thousands of RC pilots to the fun of flying a durable and high-performance aircraft that harnessed the advantages of a flying wing design, evolutionary materials, advanced electronics and modern aerodynamics. The E-flite® F-27 Evolution™ airplane marks the times by combining a proven design with modern updates, including a significant boost in power, removable wings and a sleek FPV option that have it destined to be a new favorite well into the future and beyond.

    The E-flite® F-27 Evolution™ lets you use 3S or 4S LiPo batteries to rip through the skies like a jet at ballistic speeds of 105mph (up to 85mph on 3S), or to slow down and cruise with the low-speed predictability of a sport model, all in the same flight. The wide performance envelope also allows you enjoy everything from blinding roll rates and tight loops to using full up elevator for slow, high-alpha flying and to practically ‘elevator’ to the ground. Utilizing a highly refined airfoil, the F-27 Evolution also features oversized elevons driven by metal-geared servos and a lightweight yet durable EPO airframe that’s reinforced to provide both strength and agility. Plus, its updated three-piece design allows you to quickly break it down for transport and storage without the need for tools or fasteners. You can even put yourself in the pilot seat by replacing the stock twist-lock nose with an optional nose that contains an FPV camera and video transmitter (VTX) while blending perfectly with the sleek outline. So whether this is your first flying wing experience or the F-27 reunion you’ve been waiting for, the Evolution is sure to thrill like no other can, and at a value that simply can’t be beat.

    Durable Design
    Oversized elevons are controlled with digital metal-geared servos that offer precise control and unmatched durability. The aerodynamically efficient design features composite reinforcement throughout its lightweight EPO structure to provide a rigid airframe that’s durable and has low wing loading.

    Ballistic Power
    The robust brushless power system delivers great performance and speeds of up to 85mph when flown on a 3S LiPo battery, or you can install a 4S battery for outstanding acceleration, beyond unlimited vertical performance and straight-line speeds of 105mph.

    Three-Piece Airframe
    At just under 40-inches in span, the F-27 Evolution is easy to keep together, or take apart for storage and transport that’s more compact than any flying wing it its class. The wings are supported by carbon fiber tubes and connect to the center section using a unique attachment system that secures them without the need for tools or fasteners.

    FPV Ready
    The stock twist-lock attached nose can be quickly replaced with an optional nose (EFL5608 sold separately) containing an integrated FPV camera and video transmitter (VTX) that blends perfectly into the sleek outline and easily connects to the factory-installed wiring harness.

    This Plug-N-Play model comes with the motor, ESC and servos installed. All you need to do is finish some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly.


    You Will Need

    Full-range, 4+ channel transmitter
    Full-range, 4+ channel receiver
    1800-2200mAh 4S or 2200-2500mAh 3S Li-Po flight battery (EFLB22003S30 recommended)
    Compatible LiPo charger


    37.1 in (943mm)
    Overall Length:
    24.1 in (612mm)
    Flying Weight:
    28.0-29.0 oz (800-825 g)
    Motor Size:
    10-Size Brushless Outrunner (installed)
    Requires Full-Range 4+ Channel (sold separately)
    (2) DSV130 Digital, Metal-Gear Servo (installed)
    Wing Area:
    373 sq in (24.1 sq dm)
    Recommended Environment:
    Speed Control:
    40A Brushless (installed)
    Assembly Time:
    Less than 1 Hour
    Recommended Battery:
    1800-2200mAh 4S or 2200-2500mAh 3S Li-Po Flight Battery with EC3 Connector (sold separately)
    Experience Level:
    Is Assembly Required:

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