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Beast 60e ARF

Beast 60e ARF

E-flite EFL9000 Airplane Electric ARF
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  • Beast 60e ARF

    The E-flite® Beast 60e ARF biplane embodies everything you'd expect from a design created to deliver stunning feats of aerobatic artistry. The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert, Kevin Kimball, who actually collaborated with 3D champ Quique Somenzini on its design. Its dramatic ability to flip, roll and tumble with formidable precision inspired the 100cc Hangar 9® Beast that's widely recognized as a modern classic. For this inaugural 60-sized iteration, the E-flite development team worked closely with Quique to ensure the impressive performance and feel of a larger aircraft came through. Because it's been designed specifically with the modern electric pilot in mind, every design element takes full advantage of what potent electric power has to offer including engineered construction that's feather-light. As a result, the Beast 60e is a whole new breed of animal.

    Assembly at the field takes just a few minutes and is as simple as installing four screws and four pins. Flight battery replacement is fast too from the magnetic slide-lick top hatch that provides instant access to vital electronics.  The recommended E-flite power system was designed around popular and economical 6S Li-Po batteries to provide power you can trust and unlimited performance. So inspired by the agility and presence of the Beast 60e, E-flite engineers developed an even stronger version of the Power 60 brushless motor so that its fierce aerobatic ability could shine through.


    • Lightweight laser-cut balsa and plywood construction
    • High power-to-weight ratio with 3D capability
    • Fast four-screw and four-pin field assembly
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings with carbon joiner tube
    • Ready-to-mount the recommended high-output E-flite® Power 60, 470Kv motor
    • Large magnetic nose hatch provides ample access to battery and electronics
    • Independent and simple direct-link servo installation
    • Steerable tailwheel and quality hardware package
    • Large control surfaces with double-beveled hinge lines
    • Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering
    • Pre-painted fiberglass cowling and wheel pants
    • Durable aluminum landing gear with painted finish

    You Will Need

    - 6+ channel transmitter and radio system
    - (4) mini servos and (2) standard servos
    - 60-size brushless outrunner motor
    - Propeller
    - 3-inch parabolic (P-51 style) spinner
    - 80-amp brushless ESC
    - 22.2V 6S 4400-5000mAh 30C LiPo flight batter
    - Charger for flight battery
    - Pilot figure (optional)


    Type: Airplanes
    Wingspan: 57.0 in (145 cm)
    Overall Length: 57.5 in (146 cm)
    Flying Weight: 8.90-9.55 lb (4.05-4.35 kg)
    Motor Size: 60-size brushless outrunner
    Radio: 6+ channel radio system
    Servos: (2) ultra torque standard, (4) ultra torque mini servos
    Prop Size: 17 x 7e
    Wing Area: 1100 sq. in. (71.0 sq. dm.)
    Recommended Environment: Outdoor
    Speed Control: 80-amp brushless
    Assembly Time: 7-9 Hours
    Recommended Battery: 22.2V 6S 4400-5000mAh LiPo
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Is Assembly Required: Yes
    Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
    Retracts: No
    Spinner Size: 3.0 inch P-51 style
    Trim Scheme Colors: UltraCote Black (U874), True Red (U866), Gold (U879)
    Flaps: No
    CG (center of gravity): 4-1/2 to 4-15/16 in (115-125mm) back from the center of top wing
    Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 1-3/4 in (45mm) up/down, 10% expo; High: 2-15/16 in (75mm) up/down, 30% expo
    Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 2-15/16 in (75mm) up/down, 10% expo; High: 5-1/8 in (130mm) up/down, 30% expo
    Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 3-3/4 in (95mm) right/left, 10% expo; High: 4-1/2 in (115mm) right/left, 30% expo
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