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Inductrix FPV Pro BNF

Inductrix FPV Pro BNF

Blade BLH8570 Quadcopter Electric BNF
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This quadcopter is a BNF version and does NOT include a transmitter.
  • Inductrix FPV Pro BNF

    The Inductrix FPV Pro is the high-performance, micro FPV drone taking indoor racing performance to the next level. Building on the popular Inductrix platform, the Inductrix FPV Pro answers the call to those seeking heightened performance in a lightened, more durable profile. A significant feature is the Betaflight configurable flight controller which provides you the freedom to adjust all flight parameters, rates, and gains to fit your flying style. A new frame design with added reinforcements improves durability, making crashes worry-free. A new and improved camera and VTX combo flaunt a smaller monopole and lighter profile, while giving you more frequencies and bands to choose from. The included removable canopy gives the micro racer a sleek new design and color scheme without hindering weight or performance. The included 200mAh battery offers ample flight times, increased by the lighter overall profile. With the Bind-N-Fly® completion level, all you have to do is bind a compatible Spektrum transmitter and you’re off to the races.

    Improved Frame: Based on the Inductrix FPV, the updated frame design boasts added reinforcements in addition to a much stronger material.

    Betaflight Configurable: The flight controller comes pre-flashed and tuned with Betaflight firmware, yet allows a pilot to adjust all flight characteristics, modes, rates and gains to their preference.

    High Performance 25mW camera/VTX: Impressive optics and integrated 25mW VTX with monopole antenna offer performance and durability in a sleek and lightweight profile.

    Extremely Lightweight: Even with all the improvements, it comes in lighter than the original Inductrix FPV.

    High Speed Motors: 19,000Kv + motors offer rapid throttle response and high top speed while maintaining stability.

    New Canopy: New canopy offers essential protection for flight controller and components, while staying unobtrusive and extremely lightweight.

    BNF® Completion: No soldering or tinkering necessary, high performance right out-of-the-box.

    You Will Need

    6+ Channel DSMX®/DSM2® Transmitter with endpoint adjustment, and an FPV Monitor or Headset



    Type: Helicopter
    Kit / ARF / RTF: BNF
    Length: 82mm
    Recommended Environment: Indoor
    Experience Level: Beginner
    Gross Weight: 21g
    Is Assembly Required: No
    Type: Multi-Rotor

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    • E-flite EFLB2001S45 LiPo 1-Cell
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    • E-flite EFLC1008 LiPo Charger
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  • Blade Inductrix FPV Pro BNF Hop-Ups & Optional Accessories (20 items)

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    • Dynamite DYNC2040 LiPo Charger
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    • E-flite EFLC1105A LiPo Charger
      ETA: 06/28/2018 $54.99

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    • Fat Shark RC Vision Systems FSV1063 FPV Headset
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    • Fat Shark RC Vision Systems FSV1076 FPV Headset
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    • Spektrum SPMR9910 Aircraft Radio
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    • Spektrum SPMRG100
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      Includes: 1x Race Gate 1x Bag  

    • Spektrum SPMVM430 FPV Headset
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    • Venom VNR0678 Connector / Adaptor
      In Stock

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