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EC3 Device Connector (2)

EC3 Device Connector (2)

EC3 Device Connector (2)

E-flite EFLAEC301 Electrical Part
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  • EC3 Device Connector (2)

    E-flite's high-quality EC3 connectors and leads should be a staple for every workbench. EC3 (E-flite Connector 3.5mm) connectors, leads with connectors, and accessories are perfect for electric power applications and work with any battery, charger, ESC, Power Meter, etc.


    • Capable of 60 continuous amps
    • Ergonomically pleasing and easy to grip
    • Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity
    • Superior technology suited to today's advanced applications
    • Connectors are factory-installed with ParkZone® F-27C Stryker, E-flite PNP aircraft
    • Designed with convenience and reliability in mind

    You Will Need

    EC3 Battery Connector (EFLAEC302)

  • E-flite EC3 Device Connector (2) Hop-Ups & Optional Accessories (2 items)

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