Plated Wheel Collar 5/32 (4)

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Plated Wheel Collar 5/32 (4)

Great Planes GPMQ4306 Landing Gear / Wheels
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  • Plated Wheel Collar 5/32 (4)

    Great Planes Wheel Collars are a handy way to lock wheels on a axle. The
    The collars are made of brass and are chrome plated to resist corrosion for
    trouble-free use time after time. The collars come in 5 popular sizes and each
    include its own hex wrench for installation and removal.
    These have a Great Planes One Year Warranty.


    Four 5/32" plated brass wheel collars
    Four 6-32 set screws
    One 1/16" hex wrench
    One reusable plastic parts pack
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