Precision Hinge Marking Tool

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Precision Hinge Marking Tool

Great Planes GPMR4005 Hand Tools
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  • Precision Hinge Marking Tool

    This is a Precision Hinge Center Marking Tool from Great Planes.
    This Marks Perfect Hinge Slot Locations Quickly and Easily.


    Pivoting Feet Conform To The Surface, Virtually Eliminating Gouging.
    Steel Scoring Pin Won't Wear Out Like Plastic Ones.
    Can Be Used On Control Surfaces From 1/16" to 1" Thick.
    Simple Twist Operation.
    Ideal for Use with the Great Planes Slot Machine.


    One Precision Center Marking Tool Body
    One Threaded Scoring Pin
    Two Pivoting Feet


    (Original units required an 050 wrench; items shipped after August
    of 1999 include a .050 hex wrench)


    Control Surface Hinges Must Be Installed In The Exact Center Of The
    Surface's leading edge. Just Place the Tool Over the Surface's Edge,
    Turn Until its Pivoting Feet are Flush Against Both Sides, Lower
    until the Steel Pin Touches the Edge, and Move the Tool Along the
    Length of the Surface.
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