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C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

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C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

Great Planes GPMR2400 Hand Tools
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  • C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

    This is the Great Planes C.G. Machine Precision Aircraft Balancer.
    **Not designed for use with planes under 2 lbs flying weight**


    Accurately balances your plane and set the center of
    gravity for maximum flight performance
    Works for all types of airplanes that weight between 2 - 40lbs
    (0.91 - 18.144kg) flying weight
    Level vial for accuracy


    Two Base black plastic (NYLON141)
    Two Socket caps black plastic (NYLON138)
    Two Rule holder black plastic (NYLON139)
    Two Rule end cap black plastic (NYLON140)
    One Level vial (LEVEL01)
    One 1/2" x 3" clear plastic strip (LEVEL02)
    Two Leading edge pointers (.074" x 2 1/2" wire) (WBNT262)
    Two 2-56 threaded ball stud (SCRW072)

    One 1"x1" double sided tape (FTAP001)
    Two 1" self-stick round foam pad (FOAM002)
    Two #4 x 3/8" sheet metal screw (SCRW043)
    One Rule set (left and right, clear plastic NYLON142)
    Two 1/4" x 16" upright metal rod (ROD003)
    Two 3/16" x12" base metal rod (WIRES07)
    One C.G. Machine sticker (STKER46)
    One instructions (BALP01)


    Medium or thick CA glue, hobby knife, phillips screwdriver,
    small metal file, threadlocking compound, 600 & 220
    grit sandpaper, small 90 degree triangle, tissue or
    paper towel and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner


    Available accessories to balance the airplane:
    GPMQ4485 Stick-on lead weights
    GPMQ4640 1/4-28 Brass spinner nut 2.5 ounce
    GPMQ4645 1 ounce spinner weight
    GPMQ4646 2 ounce spinner weight
    If the holes are slightly large around the rods, simply pinch them
    tight around the rods with a pair of pliers. (per R&D, AMC)
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