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Ultracote Lite, Transparent Red

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Ultracote Lite, Transparent Red

Hangar 9 HANU966 Covering
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  • Ultracote Lite, Transparent Red

    Hangar 9 UltraCote® is a high tech polyester covering that features a unique multi temperature-controlled adhesive and shrinkage system, making it versatile and easy to apply. A patented polymerizing process permanently fuses the color to the polyester film covering, eliminating the possibilities of color-layer separation and permits repositioning the covering on your model. UltraCote's unique ability to both shrink and stretch make it superior to other coverings for going around tight curves and wingtips.


    Temp ranges are as follows:

    Adhesion to wood begins at 200 to 220 degrees F.
    Shrinkage onset begins at 300 degrees F.
    Maximum shrinkage is at 350 degrees F.

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