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Inductrix FPV Plus RTF

Inductrix FPV Plus RTF

Blade BLH9600 Quadcopter Electric RTF
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  • Inductrix FPV Plus RTF

    The Blade® Inductrix® FPV + quadcopter is the next generation of micro FPV drones. Building on the success of the Inductrix and Inductrix Pro, this 8mm motor version comes ready to FPV right out of the box with zero fuss. With its integrated camera/video transmitter, Spektrum™ 4.3" monitor with Digital Video Recording, and pre-installed LED tail light, it has everything you need and more for FPV fun. SAFE® technology makes flying simple while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce off walls and objects without crashing! Innovative Meow Mode™ allows you to flip the quadcopter back upright after a crash by quickly reversing the motor direction. New altitude hold flight mode maintains the distance from the ground, providing an intuitive flight experience. The Ready-to-Fly version features a large capacity 500mAh battery for plenty of punch.


    • Fully Integrated FPV Camera/Video Transmitter
    • Intuitive Flight Modes that Make Flying Simple
    • Altitude hold flight mode
    • Innovative Meow Mode™ Allows You to Flip Over After a Crash
    • High Performance 8mm Motors
    • Spektrum™ 4.3" Monitor with DVR and Mount
    • Pre-installed LED Tail Light
    • Quiet EDF Power System
    • Durable Rotor Housings Prevent Damage
    • Fully-Assembled with No Building Required

    You Will Need

    Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.


    Type: Helicopter
    Kit / ARF / RTF: RTF
    Length: 3.9 in (100mm)
    Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Gross Weight: 48 grams (1.69oz)
    Is Assembly Required: No
    Type: Multi-Rotor

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    • Venom VNR0678 Connector / Adaptor
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