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Blade 130 S BNF Basic with SAFE

Blade 130 S BNF Basic with SAFE

BLADE BLH9350 Helicopter Electric BNF Basic
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Price reduction August 1! Originally $199.99.

This helicopter is a BNF Basic version and does NOT include a transmitter, flight battery, and charger.
  • Blade 130 S BNF Basic with SAFE

    The Blade® 130 S is a powerful, sub-micro sized collective pitch helicopter with SAFE® Technology. Self-stabilization, panic switch and three progressive flight modes give intermediate to advanced pilots the confidence to master 3D flight indoors and out. The 130 S builds on this popularly sized heli while adding significant improvements such as SAFE® Technology, a powerful, low maintenance direct drive tail motor, and improved linear servos. A strong frame gives you the durability you need, while brushless motors provides the power and performance you want.


    • SAFE® Technology: 3 flight modes, Self-leveling and Panic switch help you fly confidently
    • Durable: Molded, lightweight plastics allow the 130 S to be very durable in the event of a crash
    • Collective Pitch and SAFE Technology allows an intermediate pilot to grow with the model when they're ready for aerobatics and 3D flying
    • Direct drive tail motor—powerful brushless motor improves durability, flight performance, and simplifies repairs

    You Will Need

    6+ Channel DSM2/DSMX Transmitter, Lipo Battery, Suitable Charger


    Type: Helicopter
    Kit / ARF / RTF: BNF
    Length 12 in (304mm)
    Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Gross Weight: 6.0 oz (170g)
    Is Assembly Required: No
    Type: Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless
    Rotor Diameter: 310mm
    Rotor Blade Length: 135mm

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