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BLADE Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic

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BLADE Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic

Blade BLH3750 Helicopter Electric BNF Basic
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This helicopter is a BNF Basic version and does NOT include a transmitter, flight battery, and charger.
  • BLADE Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic

    Building on the popularity of the 180 CFX, the Trio 180 CFX is a powerful, micro, 3D machine that now comes with a 3-bladed rotor head improving response and collective authority. Combined with optimized servo geometry, enhanced digital metal gear servos, carbon fiber frame and a lighter overall profile, the Trio 180 CFX provides intermediate and advanced pilots the crisp flight experience that made the 180 CFX a micro 3D standout. Featuring a high-torque brushless outrunner main motor and Castle Creations ESC, this heli features a potent punch every pilot needs for thrilling back yard 3D maneuvers. Additionally, AS3X® technology makes it extremely stable in the air. All of this comes in a Bind-N-Fly® Basic package―just add a 3S 450mAh battery, bind to a 6+ channel Spektrum™ transmitter and fly!

    3-Bladed Head
    Higher responsiveness and more collective authority can be found in this 3-bladed head design.

    AS3X® Technology
    The Trio 180 CFX utilizes innovative AS3X® flybarless technology for unrivaled performance in a helicopter of this size.

    Optimized Servo Geometry
    Optimized servo geometry virtually eliminates mechanical inefficiency by keeping swashplate links near vertical throughout their range of motion. The result is a flawless cyclic and collective response.

    Nanolite Receiver
    The Spektrum™ AR6335 6-channel receiver features AS3X flybarless technology built-in to deliver high-speed stability and precision that’s compatible with your favorite programmable aircraft transmitter with Spektrum DSMX® technology.

    Castle Creations ESC
    The reliability of a Castle Creations Talon 15 speed control assures great performance for even hard-core 3D flying plus pilots will enjoy the convenience of having motor timing and optimal governor settings pre-programmed.

    Rigid Carbon Fiber Frame
    The carbon fiber side frames sandwich aluminum bearing and mounting bocks for a structure that is as durable as it is integral to precision control.

    Metal Gear Servos
    Upgraded Spektrum metal gear servos offer impressive response and improved durability to the Trio 180 CFX.

    Brushless Outrunner Motor
    The high-torque outrunner motor installed offers pro-level power and a
    5800Kv output for aerobatic performance that doesn’t lag behind.

    3S Li-Po Power
    Designed for a high-output 450mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po battery (sold separately), this offers the performance hard-core 3D pilots demand while offering approximately 3 minutes of fast-paced fun.

    Torque-Tube Drive Tail
    The torque-tube drive tail system features ball-bearing support inside an aluminum boom that connects at the tail rotor to a strong one-piece tail case.


    • Responsive 3-Bladed Head
    • Spektrum™ High-Speed Digital Metal Gear Servos with Optimized Servo Geometry
    • Advanced AS3X® Technology
    • Durable Carbon Fiber Frame
    • Powerful 5800Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
    • Industry-Leading Spektrum™ DSMX® 2.4GHz Technology
    • Improved flight performance

    You Will Need

     6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM2/DSMX technology, 450mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo Flight Battery, and a Suitable Charger


    Type: Helicopter
    Kit / ARF / RTF: BNF Basic
    Motor Size: Brushless Out-Runner, 5800Kv
    Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    Experience Level: Advanced
    Gross Weight: 190g
    Is Assembly Required: No
    Type: Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless
    Tail Rotor Diameter: 90.5mm
    Rotor Blade Length: 154mm

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