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SMART Fusion 360 3S BNF Basic

SMART Fusion 360 3S BNF Basic

SMART Fusion 360 3S BNF Basic

Blade BLH6150 Helicopter
Out of Stock ETA: 12/22/2022
  • SMART Fusion 360 3S BNF Basic


    Featuring the latest advancements in Spektrum™ technology, the Blade® Fusion™ 360 Smart helicopter continues the legacy of the Blade Fusion line and is the perfect first high-performance collective pitch helicopter for intermediate heli pilots. With the popular 360 size, Blade has taken a fresh approach in redeveloping the Fusion 360 by adding integrated SAFE® and Smart technology, all carbon fiber and aluminum construction, improved power system package, and more. Easy to fly and easy to see in the air, it is designed to help pilots progress from simple maneuvers to advanced 3D stunts with confidence. This powerhouse features lightweight carbon fiber and anodized aluminum construction presenting exceptional rigidity and durability. Plus, with the inclusion of Smart Technology, battery charging and power system management is now easier than ever and virtually worry free. The expertly tuned Spektrum 6250HX flight controller is ready for a non-computer transmitter such as a DXS and expands its capability with a more advanced Spektrum aircraft transmitter. Pilots get kit level quality in a Bind-N-Fly package. For intermediate-level pilots, the Fusion 360 delivers one of the best flying Blade models to date!

    SAFE® Technology

    The Blade® Fusion™ 360 Smart helicopter features exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope®) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence by providing flight mode versatility and Panic Recovery mode that automatically returns the heli to a level attitude.

    Spektrum™ Avian™ Smart 45 Amp ESC included

    The Spektrum™ Avian™Smart 45 amp ESC transmits Smart Battery and ESC data straight to your Spektrum Transmitter all over one wire. An Avian electronic speed control provides a one-wire solution for obtaining telemetry data such as current, voltage, cell balance, temperature and RPM. The Avian ESC 32-bit M4 processor produces higher resolution signal input and more accurate motor output for a locked in and active throttle response.

    Spektrum 6250HX Flybarless Controller

    Cutting-edge Spektrum technology is featured throughout this beast from Spektrum 3055 & 3065 servos with Optimized Servo Geometry to the new ground-breaking Spektrum 6250 HX flybarless system. This new flybarless controller features advanced adaptive flight control algorithms, forward programming, 6-axis M.E.M.S. inertial sensor, low-latency high-speed operation, two remote receiver ports for diversity, and a vibration rejecting aluminum lower case.

    Optimized Fusion Design

    The all-carbon fiber and aluminum main frame takes rigidity to another level for a rock-solid flight experience. The carbon fiber main rotor blades feature an improved aerodynamic design with increases to efficiency and power. An oversized tail boom eliminates the need for boom supports and is crowned by an ABS plastic tail case improving vibration damping and performance.

    Wide and Impact Resistant Landing Gear

    The Fusion 360 Smart features an updated landing gear offering a better stance for take off and landing. It’s one piece, ABS plastic design is more resistant to hard landings and crash damage.

    Aggressive and Attractive Trim Scheme

    The Fusion 360 features an expertly painted fiberglass canopy and matching tail fin that is both attractive and purposeful. The bright color scheme is easy to see when tearing up the sky and is sure to catch the eye of everyone at the flight line.

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    SMART Fusion 360 3S BNF Basic






    Without a doubt, the nicest flying heli I own, and I own several, including the OMP M1 and M2. The heli is amazingly stable, but yet, highly agile when you get on the sticks. The airframe is incredibly stiff; it doesn't flex during hard maneuvers. The construction of the new 360 is so well thought out and implemented, that it is largely hassle free to work on. Get it. Worth every penny. There is, in my opinion, a qualitative difference between a variable pitch tail and a motor-driven one, and the FBL on the Fusion 360 locks the tail perfectly with ZERO drift throughout a flight.

    Matt T - USA
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