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Pitts 850mm PNP

  • Pitts 850mm PNP

    • An Aviat Aircraft Company officially licensed version of the iconic aerobat
    • High-power, 3S- and 4S-compatible brushless outrunner motor and 50A ESC
    • Scale outline and surface detail, plus a matching spinner and appointed cockpit
    • Durable aluminum landing gear with scale covers and wheel pants
    • Tool-free wing assembly with quick-release hardware
    • Optional-use flying wires included for added scale looks
    • Large cockpit hatch and removable tray simplifies battery installation
    • Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
    • Factory-finished with a scale trim scheme

    Nothing compares to a Pitts biplane. Critics around the globe agree—flying one will spoil nearly all other aerobatic experiences. First flown almost 75 years ago, to this day the Pitts plans, kits, and finished biplanes that leave the Aviat Aircraft Company, are all remarkably similar to the pioneering original design. The E-flite® Pitts S-1S park flyer is a tribute to the Curtis Pitts design that distinctively combines an authentic appearance with great handling for incredible performance any RC pilot can appreciate.

    The E-flite® Pitts S-1S scale biplane is an officially licensed replica of the full-scale aerobatic icon that’s expertly designed and equipped to deliver a flight experience that’s easy to enjoy. The overall dimensions distinctly capture the revolutionary Pitts outlines while EPO construction helps present scale detail with a high level of durability. Even though installing and removing the wings is incredibly simple and tool-free, this beautiful bipe is sized so you probably never need to take it apart. Like the full-scale, under the hood is the kind of power that distinguishes this aerobat as a potent performer with virtually unlimited potential. Ballistic vertical climbs, dizzying snaps, crisp rolls and sharp corners are just a few of its specialties. Scale pilots will appreciate its smooth flight performance and level of detail, while everyone will enjoy its power system versatility. Whether you choose to fly this one-of-a-kind aerobat on a 3S or 4S LiPo, this Pitts S-1S bipe will deliver an aerobatic experience without equal.

    Authentic Detail
    Besides the careful attention to every outline, scale detail includes the look of fabric covered construction, plus detents highlighting where panels and hatches are found on the full-size. The characteristic wedge-shape fuselage is crowned with a scale spinner in a shape often found on high-powered versions of the Pitts bipe while the cockpit area is neatly appointed with an enclosed canopy and painted pilot figure. Optional-use flying wires for added scale looks are also included.

    Abundant Power
    The high-power brushless power system features an ESC, motor and prop that combine with a 3S LiPo battery to deliver an abundance of thrust and beyond-scale performance. Or you can install a 4S battery for ballistic, rocket ship-like vertical power and way beyond scale performance without the need for any modifications or upgrades.

    Tool-Free Field Assembly
    Although sized to fit fully assembled in just about any vehicle, installation and removal of the wings is tool-free for the ultimate in convenience. Pins easily secure the struts into the wings while each center hard point is locked into place with adjustable locator pins and body clips.

    Durable Design
    Construction with durable EPO material makes it possible to replicate complex detail in a lightweight form. The result is an outstanding scale appearance that’s easy to maintain and allows the most satisfying flight experience possible to shine through.

    Plug-N-Play® Version
    This Plug-N-Play model comes with the motor, ESC and servos installed. All you need to do is finish some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly.

    You Will Need

    Full-range, 4+ channel transmitter and receiver
    1800–2200mAh 3–4S LiPo flight battery
    Compatible LiPo charger


    Type: Airplanes
    Wingspan 33.5 in (850mm)
    Overall Length: 31 in (787mm)
    Flying Weight: 46 oz (1304 g)
    Motor Size: 10BL 1200KV
    Radio: 4+
    Wing Area: 437 sq in (28.2 sq dm)
    Recommended Battery: 2200-3000mah 3S 11.1V 25C Li-Po (sold separately)

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